Top 10 yoga poses for cyclists

I’m getting so excited to teach yoga for the Women’s Quest Sonoma retreat!!! I just finished an INCREDIBLE Women’s Quest in Bali and wow…. I can’t get enough of the amazing community and sisterhood that is born out of the experience! For those of you who have been waiting for the prefect excuse to go its totally here now. I mean SONOMA! Wine country cycling and yoga!?!? I’m not sure what else you need to motivate you but I’m so in. As I have been preparing I thought id pull together a top 10 poses to do pre or post cycle. This could be a spin class or mountain biking or road cycling or just a nice cruiser bike ride. Whatever your preference is yoga is a great way to prepare your muscles as well as recover them. See you in Sonoma!!!


cycling sequence

1.Foreword fold with hands interlaced behind back (uttanasana)
101: Feet are hip width apart. Fold forward. Interlace your hands together behind your back and let the arms hang over your head.
Variations: reach down and grab you ankles
Benefits: hamstrings/shoulders/ chest

2. Pyramid Pose (parsvottonasana)
101: Both legs are straight. Spine is long. Hands to the hips, shin, or floor.
Variations: hands interlaced behind the back.
Benefits: hamstrings

3. Pigeon / Downward dog (kapotasana /adomuka svanasana)
101: hands are shoulder width apart. Hips are up towards the sky and your spine is long. Cross your left leg over the right thigh. Flex your left foot and press the left knee out to the left. Bend in your right knee coming up on to the ball of your right foot.
Variations: Normal down dog, both feet on the floor.
Benefits: hips/ hamstring/ quad
down dog

4. Half splits (ardha hanumanasana)
101: (front) Left leg is extended straight, flex your foot. Right knee and ankle are stacked. Hands are to the hips, shin, or floor. Spine is long.
Variations: full splits but be kind! No rushing!
Benefits : hamstrings

5. Low lunge (ashwa sanchalanasana)
101: (front) Left knee and ankle are stacked. Your right leg is extended behind you and you are on the top of your right thigh not knee. Hands to your hips. Spine is long.
Variations: you can reach around and grab the foot of the extended leg bringing it closer to your hip
Benefits: hip flexors/ quad

6. Cat /Cow (Marjaryasana/ Bitilasana)
101: Knees and hips are stacked, hands and shoulders are stacked. Arch the spine up and down with the breath
Variations: You can move the spine in a circle around to the right then left.
Benefits: back

7. Half bow pose (dhanurasana)
101: Your right forearm supports you. Reach back for your left foot or shin with your left hand. Kick the foot in to the hand to lift the let.
Variations: you can grab both legs at the same time
Benefits: back / chest
half bow

8. Seated twist (matsyendrasana)
101: Your spine stays long. The bent left leg crosses over the right extended leg. Your left hand is on the ground supporting you and your right arm wraps around the left leg. Look over to the right. Do both sides
Variations: you can tuck your extended leg up by your hip
Benefits: back/chest

9. Seated forward fold (janushirshasana)
101: Your spine stays long, you don’t have to touch your toes. The left side foot touches your right inner thigh, lean forward. Do both sides
Variations: don’t forget to do the second side!
Benefits: hips/ hamstrings
seated fold

10. Bridge Pose (setu bandhasana)
101: feet hip width apart. Knees and ankles stacked arms by your side.
Variations: the hands can be interlaced behind your back.
Benefits: back /chest /shoulders


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  • John April 21, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    Good for runners too. Love it. You rock hannah.

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