Terima Kasih!

There is that first moment when you arrive in the airport walking out in to the thick air full of water sweet smells and a wildness that you cant quite comprehend. How it can be slow and chaotic at the same time ill never know but that is just Bali. And I love it. We all gathered the first afternoon together in the Shala (sacred space for practice and growth). As I saw the women waking in I had such a good feeling in my gut about this women’s quest adventure. I felt in them the capacity to be loving, fierce, kind, open and as each day progressed it was more and more true. We all let down our layers faced our fears through the sacred practice of sweat and a lot of laughter. Whether it was a monkey jumping on our shoulders or an elephant blessing on our crown or a swim/bike (I’ll explain later J) this incredible tribe of women showed up for each other every step of the way ready to look life the face or try that spicy nasi goreng! I think this is perfectly expressed in the Indonesian phrase for thank you: terima kasih: which literlally means receive love. And that’s just what we did!

Terima Kasih!!!

Women’s quest Bali Xoxo Hannah Franco