JAI Ganesha!

In the Hindu tradition there are tons of gods and goddesses, blue ones, red ones, monkey ones, elephant ones, some that have many arms, some that have many faces.. they basically run the gamut of creative possibly. Which is perfect considering the represent the full range of human experience. Ganesha is the most beloved of 

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Yoga 101

ok so you’ve decided to finally take the leap! you are going to yoga- new years resolution I’m sure:) but what is the deal here? when do you show up ? what are you supposed to wear. what kind of class should i take? And ive added a few other tips  on how to not 

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Short Daily Practice

-How to start and maintain home practice: -Set aside a specific time every day it helps to create routine it makes it easier to maintain -Don’t worry about how long it is. It could be 5 minutes of breathing or just a foreword fold -Don’t judge yourself. It’s not about doing all the hard poses 

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