Terima Kasih!

There is that first moment when you arrive in the airport walking out in to the thick air full of water sweet smells and a wildness that you cant quite comprehend. How it can be slow and chaotic at the same time ill never know but that is just Bali. And I love it. We 

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JAI Ganesha!

In the Hindu tradition there are tons of gods and goddesses, blue ones, red ones, monkey ones, elephant ones, some that have many arms, some that have many faces.. they basically run the gamut of creative possibly. Which is perfect considering the represent the full range of human experience. Ganesha is the most beloved of 

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Keep Sane & Happy at Work

I love my job, which is a very good thing because the majority of my time is spent at work. I also love yoga. The good thing is they go together very well. No matter how much you love your job, there are bound to be times where you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. So in 

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