Stress Relieving Asanas

The most effective way to relieve stress is through Nadi Shodhana. It is an alternate nostril breathing technique. The yogis believe that it clears and calms the mind and balances the right and left side of the brain.  Breathing has a profound effect on our state of mind and this is a wonderful way to 

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Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)

  I truly love a balance pose. Not because I love balancing or because I’m good at it (balance poses are anything but effortless for me), but because after falling out of a balance pose it’s always so clear that if you keep straining, it will never happen. Balance poses are really for improving your 

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Vashistasana (Side Plank)

check it out at Athleta HERE:http://www.athleta.net/chi/2011/04/26/embrace-vashistasana-side-plank/ It seems like there are as many variations of asanas (poses) as there are teachers. Each school of yoga has its own philosophy about how to proceed with the physical asana. Each teacher reinterprets it for their style and each student adjusts it to fit their body. Your good 

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