about “Don't exist. Live. Get out, explore. Thrive.” - Brian Krans
Hannah Franco began her career studying fashion design at Pratt institute in Brooklyn NY. It was there where she was first exposed to the practice of yoga. After a grueling first semester she was blown away by the change that her new found practice of yoga had brought her. In the pursuit of deepening her yoga practice, and also taking her first steps towards teaching, she ended up traveling to India where she spent 6 months exploring the intricate balance of yoga and spirituality.

Her classes are dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, mudra, kriya, and Pranayama techniques. Hannah is known for her inspirational storytelling, lighthearted nature and creative sequencing. Passionate about cultivating yoga for everyone her asana practice and spiritual teaching are routed in the ultimate foundation.. embracing your whole self. She leads workshops in Italy and the States, focusing on arm balances, Vinyasa flow and fearless living. Each class reflects the kind of woman she is herself: strong, fun, and full of joy.

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Interested in a Private Session?

Group classes are a powerful way to cultivate a strong community and an energizing experience. However if your new to yoga or want to dig deep in to your personal practice group classes can only go so far. The path of yoga means different things for different people. Each person should have the opportunity to be taught in a manner that resonates with them. Private sessions are a prefect way to experience this.  

Why Book A Private Session?

  • You can spend time talking to you instructor about your specific goals. Setting an intention together about what you want to achieve physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • It's a great way to cultivate a home practice.
  • Try a package. It can be much more effective if you work with an instructor at least a few times.  You can do this in combination with attending group classes or exclusively, working only with that  instructor. Both work great!
  • Perfect gift idea for seasoned or new yogis.
  • Fun for group events like birthday parties, weddings, or other celebrations.


Please contact Hannah for individual pricing options. Sliding scales are available for those in need. Contact

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